Calligraphy Chalk Procreate Brush

A soft, textured calligraphic brush designed for the Procreate App and the Apple Pencil. It pairs well with the default Artists Crayon, which is one of my favorites – I wanted to be able to add textured calligraphy next to my illustrations, and lo, the Calligraphy Crayon was born. It has a hand-drawn tip shape, so you won’t find another out there like it. Enjoy!

Get the Calligraphy Crayon Brush

Tips for using the brush:

  • The brush tip shape follows the direction of the pencil, so hold your pencil perpendicular to your strokes.
  • Add texture to your background with the Procreate default Artists Crayon (in the sketching brush section)
  • The grain stays oriented to the original canvas no matter how you rotate your pencil, for the most realistic “paper grain” results.
  • Experiment with the opacity sliders and streamline settings for different styles

How to install procreate brushes

  • Click the download button (using the device where procreate is installed)
  • When viewing the .brush file, Choose “open in procreate” or “Copy to procreate”
  • The brush will now appear in your brushes menu under “imported”
  • That’s it!

If you have trouble installing from Gumroad, pleaseĀ out this video tutorial.

Free + Open to feedback!

Thanks for trying my Calligraphy Crayon brush! I really like lettering with it and I hope you do, too!


Get the Calligraphy Crayon Brush