When you want to quit, remember why you started

I started on my journey of lettering because:

  • Self discipline – I wanted a task I could do every day for 30 minutes and see incremental improvement
  • Wake up my brain – I feel happiest and most inspired when I am learning something new.
  • Hand Skills – I wanted to reclaim the coordination and muscle memory that I lost from years of not drawing by hand. I used to draw for hours on end as a kid. I studied fine art in college, and then pursued a career in graphic and web design and just.stopped.drawing.  I was embarassed by my lousy sketches and stick-figure storyboards
  • I like puzzles – Finding balance between readability, visual appeal, and creativity is a design challenge that’s fun to ponder, re-work, and solve. It’s like yoga for the brain and hands. Lettering scratches my creative itch.
  • Aesthetics  – It’s pretty. That one’s easy. I have always loved typography, layout, color, mood, and composition. Lettering is a task that involves all of those aesthetic choices
  • Accomplishment – I just wanted to prove to myself that I can do it.